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This Product is the demand of the current situation as this COVID-19 outbreak has severely affected the business community. They need a system that detects the condition of their employees if they have any symptoms of fever. So, if you have our system, it will allow you to run your business smoothly and safely. Our scanning product will offer the warranty of our employees or user’s safety. Its Temperature Screening Technology is your business’s fastest and reasonable way to protect your clients and employees.

Our Scanning Thermometer

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The Main Features of Our Product

Fever Alarm

Our Product has a fever alarm system that rings when one has a temperature reading higher than 100.4° F. This sound is basically to alert the people if they have a fever.

Mask Detector

Our facial recognition feature has advanced AI to differentiate users wearing masks from those who are not wearing any mask and still offer an accurate reading.

Access Control

Our Product can be linked to ticketing systems and automatic doors to limit entry access to individuals. It is a valuable and prominent property of this unique item!

Benefits of Our Scanning Thermometer

Easy Set-Up

Don’t take much time and initiated its system within seconds! Our Screening product is ready to start its work. It is readily set up in the desired areas. You can turn on and initiate screening.


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Instant Response

As a frictionless interaction, our Product enables people to have their particular temperatures read in a matter of 2 sec! It ensures a steady and healthy flow of traffic in public areas.

Labor Savings

By removing the requirement for dedicated personal, Scanning Thermometer is a highly cost-effective and also reliable alternative. It is also one of the most important benefits of our Product.

User-Friendly Interface

Our automated touchless system will spontaneously scan individuals as they approach. Scan in a sec to let the entrance moving and clear.

WIFI Connectivity

Our Thermometer WiFi capability helps in capturing data and management. This is also one of the remarkable features of our Product.

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Facial Recognition Devices
Facial Recognition Devices
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Facial Recognition Devices
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